Our story

YAS Story

About us

Y.A.S - your apparel & style - is a Danish brand founded in 2013 as a part of the BESTSELLER family. Within our collections we offer everything from everyday items to unique occasion wear. To put it simply, it's about bold styling pieces, the wardrobe classics and contemporary essentials. Our vision is to present well-crafted and fashionable items to all women looking to be unique and individual in their styling. With our product range we're able to meet the demands and support the modern lifestyle of fashion-conscious women. We stay current and develop our ideas with our markets, customers and the international fashion-scene.

What we offer

Providing women with clothes is not just about showing them something they'll like. It’s about listening to their demands, understanding their style, and inspiring them to do just a little bit more. No woman wants to be pushed into a style - they want to feel inspired. We do exactly that. With our contemporary and upgraded qualities we offer affordable clothing within the following categories; dresses, tops, knits, outerwear, leather and tailoring – all with sustainability in focus.

Prints & colour work

Our prints are our signature and we take great pride in the development process. To us, they play a major role in the styling of our outfits - and when merchandising the stores. As a fashion-forward brand we constantly stay up-to-date and work with colour development. We work with wide colour palettes - some base colours and some spot colours. From these palettes we find inspiration for both our prints and the creative work around the collections. With each collection, we introduce you to new seasonal prints. Many of our prints are hand-drawn and developed by our design team to match our colour palette and collection theme - influencing trends and the contemporary fashion scene.

Our approach to sustainability

As a part of the BESTSELLER family we strive to succeed with our overall goals as a company. At BESTSELLER, we want to accelerate fashion’s journey towards a sustainable reality. Our industry has a significant impact. By countering climate change, using resources efficiently and promoting human rights, businesses can be a positive force for change. We want to take more action and enable greater progress, faster. BESTSELLER have made some good progress in areas such as social labour, chemical management and the use of more sustainable materials since we formalised the first code of conduct in 2000, but now it is time to accelerate. With our current Y.A.S collections you will find that up to 50% of the items are more sustainable. We look forward to continuing this journey towards a more conscious and sustainable production and product range.